The Quorum

What’s Going On With FURIOSA?

When MAD MAX: FURY ROAD opened in 2015, it arrived 30 years after MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, the last release in the dystopian franchise. On paper, it was far from a sure thing. Not only was the property unfamiliar to most people under 40, but director George Miller hadn’t had a live action hit since […]

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Tracking Schedule – Week of 2/12/24

disrupts the schedule. If that happens, titles in the final two spots will be fielded as soon as possible. This week, after getting pushed for two weeks, THE FORGE is scheduled to join The Quorum. Currently, the films being updated include GARFIELD, FURIOSA, WOLF MAN, BACK TO BLACK, and BAD BOYS 4, among others. […]

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Tracking Update: DUNE: PART TWO Continues To Rise.

Two weeks ago, we took a look at the tracking for DUNE: PART TWO. At the time, DUNE was lagging behind FAST X and TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE BEASTS, which opened to $68M and $61M, respectively. Even though it was trailing the two comps, we were optimistic about DUNE because its numbers were on the […]

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