The Quorum

For decades studios have relied on pre-release tracking data to see what people think of upcoming movies. This data is extremely important in determining the health of a film’s marketing campaign. This data has never been available to the general public…until now.

The Team

David Herrin - Founder

After spending 19 years as Head of Research at global talent and literary agency UTA, David Herrin created The Quorum in January 2021. The Quorum reinvents the world of film tracking by diving deeper into the behaviors that drive consumer awareness and interest in upcoming releases, both theatrically and on streaming services. Prior to that, Herrin oversaw agency research activity on behalf of more than 300 agents representing a globally recognized roster of film and television stars, screenwriters, directors, producers, broadcast news talent, recording artists, digital online artists and Fortune 500 companies. Herrin provided the agency with motion picture industry trends and forecasting; box office, studio tracking & release date analysis as well as primary research.


Film Tracking

For the first time, pre-release film tracking is available to the general public. Each week, The Quorum surveys 2,000 members of the general public about upcoming films. Each respondent is asked a series of questions about Awareness and Interest in films awaiting release. Given that windows are shrinking, we also ask where each person whether they would prefer to watch the film at home or in a theater (Location) and if they would be willing to pay for it, or if they would only watch if it were available for free (Fee). You can see which films have recently been updated by looking at the poster carousel on the home page.

Custom Film Research

Having access to reliable, actionable data is more critical than ever during this period of mass disruption in the marketing and distribution of movies. The Quorum collaborates on custom research to fit the needs of studios, streaming platforms, production companies, agencies and other companies. We work hand-in-hand with clients throughout the entire process, from providing options and defining goals to the delivery of the custom data and thorough review of the analysis. And as always, our clients own all the data and the results.

Data Licensing

The Quorum makes all the data you see here, as well as demographics not surfaced on the website, available for license through an API. This data can then be integrated into your own power BI or data visualization tools. Please email [email protected] for details.


Please feel free to reach out at any time. We love hearing from you.