Film Tracking

For the first time, pre-release film tracking is available to the general public.  Each week, The Quorum surveys over 2,000 people about upcoming films.

Each respondent is asked a series of questions about awareness and interest in upcoming films. 

Given that windows are shrinking, we also ask where each person would prefer to watch the film (at home or in a theater) and if they would be willing to pay for it, or if they would only watch if it were available for free.

Bespoke Media Research

Data is more critical than ever during this period of mass disruption in the marketing and distribution of movies. 

The Quorum collaborates on custom research to fit the needs of our clients. We are hand-in-hand throughout the entire process, from identifying goals through the delivery of the final report. 

And as always, our clients own all the data and the results. 

For inquires: [email protected]

API Access

The Quorum database is available through an API.

API access allows for access to additional data including demographics, the historical library, and comps as well as added functionality through your custom visualizations. 

For inquires: [email protected]