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Tracking 103: Survey Schedule

Every Saturday, The Quorum posts the tracking schedule for the week ahead. This is where you can see which films will be surveyed for the coming week.

What may need to be clarified is when we begin tracking a film and the survey frequency. As part of our tracking 101 series, let’s explain The Quorum’s survey schedule. As a reminder, we survey the general public three times a week. Data is updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

(Tracking 101 looked at the relationship between awareness and interest. Tracking 102 explained Unaided Awareness.)

Films are added six months out or 26 weeks before release. There are exceptions. Marvel, DC, and tentpoles are added at nine months out. Titles will also be added early if the campaign launches before the six-month window. For example, we started tracking OPPENHEIMER a year before release to coincide with the drop of the first teaser trailer.

As you can see below, once a title is added, tracking data is updated monthly. When a film is within 12 weeks of release (three months), we field it every other week.

Six weeks out is an important threshold. Not only do we speed up the frequency to once a week, but this is when The Quorum makes its first opening weekend projection. We revise that projection each week on Fridays up until the day of release. These projections are available to subscribers. You can sign up here.

When a film enters the two-week window, it is fielded twice on Monday and Friday. Finally, films are surveyed in all three fieldings in the final week.

We will break from this schedule on occasion. For example, we will interrupt the regular schedule if a trailer is dropped. Suppose, for instance, a film is three weeks away from its next update. If a trailer drops, we will field it earlier. Usually, we wait about five to seven days after a trailer before surveying it. It usually takes a few days to feel the full impact of a trailer.

From that point on, the film re-enters its normal scheduling cycle.

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