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Tracking 102: Unaided Awareness

Finally, some good news for BARBIE. Unaided awareness for the film jumped from 2.2% to 4.9% this week.

What is unaided awareness? And how is it different than traditional awareness? To measure unaided awareness, we ask people which upcoming films they know about. They aren’t prompted, nor do we give them a list of upcoming movies. Each respondent can list as many films as they like.

Total awareness, which you see here, is slightly different. In this case, we give people a list of movies along with a poster and a description of the film. As you can imagine, the numbers are much higher. So, for example, Unaided awareness for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 3 is 6.7%, whereas it’s 53% in total awareness.

Unaided is an important metric. The thinking is that if someone can recall a title without being prompted, chances are they want to see that movie.

The table above lists all the films that registered at least 1% unaided. As expected, SUPER MARIO BROS. ranks #1 with 18% unaided awareness. But look at the BARBIE numbers. It now ranks 4th among all films with nearly 5% unaided. That’s an impressive number, and it speaks to how well the memeification of the BARBIE artwork has taken hold. It’s also worth noting that BLUE BEETLE ranks 9th with 2.4% unaided. Thanks to a new trailer, BEETLE crosses the 1% threshold for the first time.

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