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The new BARBIE posters have become memes, but have they increased interest in the film?

Yesterday, we got a new trailer for BARBIE, and if you’re a fan of pink, it was your lucky day. Warner Bros. also gave us a series of character posters for the surprisingly large cast.

It’s hard to say if it was luck or careful planning, but the BARBIE campaign unfolded on the same day Donald Trump was indicted. It didn’t take long for The Daily Show to elevate the posters to peak memedom.

Key art rarely goes viral, so Warner Bros. must love the exposure. But exposure doesn’t translate to interest, which has been BARBIE’s problem since The Quourm began tracking the film.

We won’t know the full impact of the new trailer for a few days, but we were able to see if the new one-sheet – the main one, not the character posters – increased interest in the film.

Unfortunately, when asked to grade the poster on a scale from A+ (“makes me want to see the film”) to F (“doesn’t make me want to see the film”), the new artwork scored a C+. That’s just a hair above the last teaser poster from last December. That one also scored a C+.

At the moment, BARBIE suffers from a tracking imbalance: high awareness and low interest. Becoming a meme will help awareness, but so far, the data suggests it’s not moving the needle when it comes to interest.

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