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New To The Quorum: THE BEEKEEPER

Take JOHN WICK, swap out some bees for a dog and Jason Statham for Keanu Reeves, and voila, you’ve got THE BEEKEEPER. Ok, that’s not necessarily fair, though Statham’s latest revenge pic shares some of the same DNA as WICK. Regardless, BEEKEEPER looks like a bloody good time.

Statham may have had a misfire with EXPEND4BLES, but MEG 2: THE TRENCH is approaching $400M worldwide (with only 20% of that coming from domestic). And though we would like Statham to explore his comedic side (his turn opposite Melissa McCarthy in SPY remains one of our favorites), he remains a worldwide action star 25 years into his film career. He’s kind of a big deal.

There are other reasons why BEEKEEPER is intriguing. It is perhaps the last title to come from the rebooted Miramax shingle, which was essentially shuttered last week with CEO Bill Block’s departure. With that in mind, it remains to be seen to what extent distributor MGM will support the film.

So, how does BEEKEEPER look? Let’s look at the tracking.

The film belongs to the Low group, meaning it is believed to have a production budget below $50M. The average opening weekend for movies in this group is $8M.

Awareness for the film sits at 25%. That’s nicely above the 17% average for the group at the same distance from release. Looking at the other three metrics, BEEKEEPER is pretty close to the group average.

Taken as a whole, this suggests the film is poised to open near $10M. But, these numbers don’t reflect the full impact of the trailer, which was released on Wednesday—and the film was added to The Quorum on Thursday. We typically say it takes about five to seven days to capture the full impact of a trailer drop. So don’t be surprised if the numbers and the opening weekend projection go up. As always, stay tuned.

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