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Grading This Week’s Poster (9.11.22)

Each week we ask people to grade the week’s newest posters from A+ (“awesome”) to F (“awful”). Here are the final grades.


Grade: A

The latest version of the BLACK ADAM poster is the first to score an A since the BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER one sheet in late July. ADAM could use the help. Tracking for ADAM has been in a holding pattern for a few weeks. Perhaps this poster will give a lift to the film’s scores. 


Grade: A-

This new poster is undoubtedly an improvement over the first one. As we noted back in June, the first poster was a foggy mess. You could hardly tell what you were looking at. This one is clearer, brighter, and much more inviting. Our respondents seem to agree, giving this an A- .


Grade: B+

Nothing about this teaser screams murder mystery, but Daniel Craig front and center isn’t a bad thing. Look for additional posters to better reflect the movie. But for now, this works just fine. It scored a strong B+ from our respondents. 


Grade B

With 15 names above the titles, 20th is selling this one on its wealth of celebrity riches. Aside from the names, though, it’s not entirely clear what this film is about, at least from the poster. Star power seems good enough, as respondents gave this poster a decent B grade. 


Grade: C+

This TAR poster may have scored a middling C+ from our survey takers, but this is one of our favorite posters of the year. We love how Cate Blanchett’s distorted body creates motion and tension while perfectly bisecting the image on a diagonal. Teaser posters are designed to leave you wanting more. This one succeeds in doing just that.


Grade: D

Our respondents didn’t care for this one. The BONES AND ALL poster received a D grade. It’s not hard to see why. The inscrutable image married with the renaissance font isn’t necessarily inviting. But that may be the point for a movie that explores romance among cannibals. 

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