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Finally a trailer for THE GRAY MAN, but is it too late?

Netflix released the trailer to the Adam Sandler basketball movie HUSTLE precisely a month before release, so it’s somewhat shocking that, today, we got the trailer for THE GRAY MAN a full 52 days before its debut. For Netflix, that’s a long lead campaign. 

Of course, if this were a studio movie, the trailer would have been dropped months ago, but that’s not how Netflix works. As we’ve written before, the numbers for GRAY MAN have been shockingly low in light of the fact that the film carries a reported $200M budget and is one of, if not the most expensive movies Netflix ever made. 

Awareness for the film currently sits at 13%. It is being fielded as we speak, so check back tomorrow for updated numbers. 

An early read on the numbers from today’s fielding suggests a slight uptick in awareness, but the true impact of the trailer won’t be known for a few more days. 

Quite frankly, there’s only one way to go for GRAY MAN. At this moment, it ranks 50th in awareness among the 62 films currently being tracked by The Quorum

The good news is that Netflix has a history of success with short marketing windows. Just look at the numbers for HUSTLE. Since releasing the trailer (marked by the gray vertical line), awareness for HUSTLE has climbed from 27% to 37%.  

The hope is that GRAY MAN will see a similar jump in awareness. The big difference is that HUSTLE started at 27% before the trailer. GRAY MAN is at 13%.

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