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The final numbers are in for the three new wide releases. Sadly, they are underwhelming. 

MARRY ME arrives in theaters with a 44% awareness, tops among the three, while BLACKLIGHT places 3rd with 32%. For the sake of context, JACKASS FOREVER was at 50% when it opened last weekend. 

For BLACKLIGHT, there have been 15 pandemic-era films that opened with an awareness of 32% or less. Of those, DON’T BREATHE 2 did the best with a $10,6M opening weekend. In fact, it’s the only one among the 15 to crack $10M. It’s unlikely BLACKLIGHT will be the 2nd.

MARRY ME may be tops in awareness, but it struggled down the home stretch with interest, especially among men. Overall, it has an interest score of 4.8, but it drops to 4.3 among men.

Truth be told, none of these numbers are great, but at least DEATH ON THE NILE can claim the highest interest score of the group. 

Last week, JACKASS had an interest score of 5.3, which would suggest NILE can get close to the $23M opening for JACKASS. The problem is that NILE arrives in theaters with much lower awareness, which will keep it from reaching those heights. 

And, of course, MARRY ME arrives in theaters and on Peacock simultaneously, so there’s no telling how it will impact its box office receipts. It certainly won’t help. 

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