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THE ADAM PROJECT campaign begins

Except for its awards bait, Netflix rarely does long-lead marketing campaigns. Sometimes there’s barely a campaign at all. 

Given the pedigree for THE ADAM PROJECT – a re-teaming of Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds on the heels of their massive success with FREE GUY – we thought this one would have started much earlier. 

But here we are, with the campaign kicking in just one month before release with this somewhat unremarkable poster to accompany this trailer

Awareness for ADAM is currently at 17%. That’s on the low end the Netflix titles being tracked by The Quorum. Upon closer inspection, we can see that there is an awareness divide between original IP and known properties like TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, Tyler Perry’s next film, and KNIVES OUT 2. 

In that light, 17% maybe isn’t so bad. When we compare awareness for ADAM (brown) against THE HARDER THEY FALL (light yellow) and DON’T LOOK UP (dark yellow) at the same distance from release, ADAM is right in the mix. 

So, let’s hold off on making judgments on ADAM or the short marketing window, and let’s wait and see what the numbers look like in the weeks ahead. 

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