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A Movie We’re Rooting For: ARGYLLE

There’s a lot to like about the upcoming action comedy ARGYLLE, opening on February 2nd. It’s directed by Matthew Vaughn, who reinvigorated the genre a decade ago with KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. Judging by the trailer, ARGYLLE looks like an irresistible mashup of THE LOST CITY, ROMANCING THE STONE, BULLET TRAIN, and THE MAN FROM […]

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BEETLEJUICE 2 Makes A Huge Debut On The Quorum.

Two weeks ago yet another bruhaha erupted over a shelved Warner Bros. title. This time the film was COYOTE VS. ACME. Warner Bros. announced they would be shelving COYOTE in favor of a $30M tax write-off. As David Zaslav told Deadline, “Should we take certain of these movies and open them in the theater and […]

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Grading November Posters

Now that’s more like it. As you may recall, none of the posters from October scored a grade above B+. Not a single A in the bunch. In November, five films landed with an A or an A-, with WONKA lidding the charge. INSIDE OUT 2 looks like the sure thing that Disney could use […]

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