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ELIO and SNOW WHITE get punted to 2025.

The ongoing SAG strike is beginning to impact the release calendar. Three high-profile projects have just been pushed.

Disney has ELIO moved from March 1st, 2024, to June 13th, 2025. That’s probably for the best, as ELIO has struggled to gain traction despite the presence of a teaser trailer and poster. ELIO would have represented the 7th original, non-sequel Pixar title in a row. By moving to 2025, ELIO will now open after INSIDE OUT 2, which ideally returns Pixar to its previous box office heights after numerous misfires.

Disney is also pushing SNOW WHITE out a year from March 22nd, 2024, to March 21st, 2025. Unlike ELIO, there is a groundswell of awareness for the film. Awareness for the film is at 42%, which ranks it #9 among all films currently being tracked by THE QUORUM. Interest, however, lags behind awareness. It ranks #22 among all titles in interest. That kind of disconnect in rankings suggests that people know about the film, but they don’t necessarily want to see it. Another year might help bring interest in line with awareness.

Finally, WISE GUYS, now renamed ALTO KINGS, has moved from February to November 15th, 2023. The film was just added to The Quorum last week.

All three of these films are now more than six months away from release, meaning they have been removed from The Quorum. Not to worry, they will be back once they re-enter that six-month window.

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