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Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart – GLADIATOR 2 Debuts…Thanks To Russell Crowe?

The Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart includes any film more than six weeks from release, registering at least 1% unaided awareness (UA). This metric is highly correlated to opening weekend gross. Early signs of UA more than six weeks out often translate to box office success upon release.

It was a good week for Disney. INSIDE OUT 2 looks like a monster hit, DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE has the potential to reach $200M, and MOANA 2 reaches a new high on the Unaided Awareness Chart, climbing from 2% to 3%.

MOANA 2 is not the only film reaching a new high. VENOM: THE LAST DANCE continues its steady climb, rising from 1% two weeks ago to 2% last week and now 3%. 

The big surprise, however, is the debut of GLADIATOR 2 on the chart. It arrives with little in the way of marketing material. While a trailer was shown at CinemaCon, it hasn’t been made available to the public. Perhaps the catalyst for the increase in unaided is the reporting that Russell Crowe is “slightly uncomfortable” with the sequel.

Elsewhere, INSIDE OUT 2 was tops this week with 12% unaided. And DEADPOOL has retired from the chart now that it’s within six weeks of release. It registered 9% unaided, which ties BARBIE for the highest score a month and a half out. 

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