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UNDERDOGGS Goes To Amazon Prime And Exits The Quorum

Today, we finally got the poster for Snoop Dogg’s UNDERDOGGS. We’ve had our eye on this one for some time, mainly because the film is scheduled to open on January 26th, and it’s very unusual for a movie to be less than two months away and not have a poster.

Perhaps then, it shouldn’t be surprising that the MGM title has been pulled from the theatrical schedule and will now be airing on Amazon Prime Video. We always find it regrettable when audiences aren’t given the opportunity to see a film on the big screen.

The decision to move to streaming-only is also a bit odd given that, as we’ve reported before, January is already light on theatrical releases. With UNDERDOGGS off the schedule, there are only five wide releases set to open in January. Six if you include an as-yet-untitled Crunchyroll title. If there were concerns that UNDERDOGGS would struggle theatrically, at the very least, it would have entered a very unsaturated market.

The shift to Amazon means that UNDERDOGGS has been removed from The Quorum. Tracking for the film was scheduled to be updated on Friday. Instead, we will be adding CABRINI on Friday.

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