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Trailer Callback: August 2-5

In early August, we got three movie trailers: CINDERELLA, CRY MACHO, and VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE.

In terms of awareness, Amazon has to be feeling good about the 11 point gain made by CINDERELLA. That film seems to be running on all cylinders.

VENOM added two points, which may not seem like much, but at that elevated level, it’s hard to add additional points. Going from 40 to 42 is harder than going from, say, 20 to 22. So, we’ll consider that two-point gain a “win.”

CRY MACHO also got a healthy seven-point gain rising from nine to 16. Interestingly, we have had a few films that also had an awareness of nine on the day their trailers came out. These films provide a unique opportunity to give the MACHO gains some context.

The three other films are KING RICHARD, MALIGNANT, and THE LAST DUEL. As you can see below, all three started with an awareness of nine, but 10 days later, they landed in very different spots.

The clear winner is RICHARD. That film got a huge 15-point lift from its trailer. None of the other three are even close. MACHO is next with a seven-point gain. Meanwhile, as we reported before, neither MALIGNANT nor DUEL saw much in the way of meaningful gains from their trailers.

Based on just these trailers, it’s clear that RICHARD and MACHO are best positioned for box office success. MALIGNANT and DUEL need some help.

Here’s how these four films look now in terms of awareness for those of you who prefer visually confusing charts to tables.

Bottom line: CINDERELLA is the big winner while VENOM and MACHO had very respectable gains.

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