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The campaign for WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING begins

Last week Vanity Fair gave WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING (July 15th) an extensive “First Look.” Today we got a new poster along with a new trailer that is strategically timed to play in front of THE LOST CITY this weekend. 

Sony has now unleashed two high-profile campaigns in a row. Earlier this month, we got a splashy debut for BULLET TRAIN and now CRAWDADS. It’s easy to see why these two are getting so much love. TRAIN is chock full of superstars in front of and behind the camera led, of course, by Brad Pitt. 

As for CRAWDADS, the faces on-screen may not look familiar, but the off-camera talent doesn’t get much bigger. Not only is it based on the blockbuster book of the same name, but Reese Witherspoon is producing it. Oh, and it’s got an original song by Taylor Swift. 

Let’s pivot and take a look at the numbers.

The Quorum has been tracking CRAWDADS (dark yellow) for seven months. Over that span, awareness has hovered in the low teens. It hasn’t budged at all. It sits at 13 now, but it will surely see a bounce. How much of a bounce remains to be seen. 

Can we look to TRAIN for guidance? Yes, though Sony might hope for a better result for CRAWDADS. That’s because TRAIN (light yellow) only saw a four-point gain in awareness, from 19% before the trailer to 23% today. That’s well below the 30% we set as a good two-week target. 

Where will CRAWDADS be in two weeks? As always, we will be closely watching. It will interesting to see if this one gets a bigger bounce than TRAIN.

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