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New to The Quorum: SPENCER

Aside from welcoming SPENCER to The Quorum, we also welcome Neon. This is the first film by the distributor to be tracked on The Quorum.

Obviously, the main draw is Kristen Stewart. We’re all waiting to see if she can pull off playing Princess Diana. It’s not entirely clear from the teaser trailer released this week. It’s filled with beautiful shots of palatial life, gorgeous costumes and meals fit for royals. It also features Stewart looking appropriately forlorn and lonely.

What we don’t get is much dialogue. In fact, Stewart utters exactly two words of dialogue in the entire spot. Now this is a teaser trailer, and teaser trailers are meant to convey a mood. They don’t go deep into the plot. So it’s not surprising to see a largely dialogue-free clip.

What we do know is that Stewart certainly looks like Diana. But that’s about it. For those of us waiting to see if she can pull off the role, it does seem as though Neon is intentionally not revealing any clues.

So, it looks like we will have to wait for the full trailer to see if Stewart makes a convincing Diana. Until then, we say to SPENCER, welcome to The Quorum.

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