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When the first film in the most recent HALLOWEEN trilogy debuted in 2018, it opened to $78M making it the 2nd largest opening ever for a horror film (it has since slipped to #3). That’s not bad for a series that already had nine sequels before 2018. 

Given the box office strength of the 2018 film, Universal’s announcement that the follow-up, HALLOWEEN KILLS, would debut in theaters and on Peacock was surprising. Why wouldn’t they just let it play in theaters where it would surely be another box office powerhouse?

As it turns out, it still did incredibly well in theaters. It may not have matched its predecessor’s $78M opening, but with $49M, it still had the largest opening of the year for a horror film. Imagine what that number would have been if it wasn’t also available on Peacock. 

This week, ENDS, the third and final film in the trilogy, was added to The Quorum. As you can see below, it debuted with a very high 41% awareness (dark yellow). Back when we started tracking KILLS (light yellow), it entered with an awareness of 24%. Sure, it got to 44% by the time it opened, but it required several months to reach that point 

ENDS has started very close to where KILLS ended.

There’s no reason to think END won’t get an exclusive theatrical run when it opens next October. Though in this climate, you never know. What we do know is that these early numbers suggest that the trilogy will end on a high note. So, to HALLOWEEN ENDS, we say welcome to The Quorum

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