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CYRANO on the move…again

Once again, CYRANO is shifting dates. This time, it’s moving from January 28th to February 25th. 

The deacons to push a month is likely intended to leverage awards momentum. By moving to February 28th, CYRANO now comes out after the Academy Award nominations. A nomination or two would give United Artists a marketing hook to raise awareness and interest in the film. 

Will CYRANO earn any nominations? It secured two Golden Globe nods, one for Best Picture and Best Actor – both in the musical or comedy category. It didn’t win either, and with no distinction between comedy and drama for the Oscars, CYRANO and Pete Dinklage will likely be on the outside looking in.

Listen, even if CYRANO doesn’t get any Oscar love, the move makes sense. By pushing a month, United Artists has another four weeks to build awareness for the film. It needs it too. Awareness for the film has languished below 25% for the past six months. In 2021, only one movie — THE GREEN KNIGHT — opened above $5M with awareness under 25%.

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