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NAPOLEON and WONKA kick off Q4.

While blistering heat blankets much of the country, it might do the mind and body some good to focus on the fall and winter. Thankfully, the studios are starting to unveil Q4 trailers. 

While we already have trailers for MIGRATION and THE COLOR PURPLE, it feels like holiday campaigns are just now kicking into gear. This week we got new posters and trailers for two of this year’s highest-profile end-of-year pics.

First up, we got a trailer for Ridley Scott’s NAPOLEON, which goes head-to-head with Disney’s WISH on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s an odd choice to open on the family friendly holiday, but with its sights set on the award season, Sony may be taking the long view with this one.

Next, we got material for WONKA. Maybe this one secures a few technical or music nominations. But, more than anything, this one looks like a four-quadrant Christmas crowd pleaser. Interest for WONKA already sits at 55%. That’s the 3rd highest among all films being tracked by The Quorum. And that score doesn’t even take into account the new trailer. 

While box office prospects look strong for both titles, neither print campaign wowed our panel, The poster for WONKA was given a B- while NAPOLEON received a C grade.

Separated At Birth?

Speaking of the WONKA poster, while the trailer is chock full of bright colors, with purple and violet at the forefront, the teaser poster seems like a cousin to the OPPENHEIMER key art. The oranges and yellows make sense for OPPENHEIMER. For WONKA? We’re not so sure.

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