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KNIVES OUT 2 gets a WTF title, and we’re totally into it.

We didn’t see that one coming. But kudos to director Rain Johnson for picking an unexpected title for the next KNIVES OUT movies. 

While it may have been naïve to think it would be called KNIVES OUT 2, I don’t think anyone expected the title to be GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY. 

It certainly makes you sit up and take notice. Not just because we have no idea how a glass onion (a monocle, perhaps?) fits into the film, but mostly because it flies in the face of typical sequel titles that put the franchise name before the sequel-specific tagline. Think FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: RECKONING PART ONE. It’s a bit odd to see KNIVES OUT after the colon. 

We approve of anything that mixes up the tried and true.

Having said that, it is an unusual title. Will it help or hurt the film? We’ll find out. 

One of two things will happen. Best case scenario, people will find the title intriguing. They’ll want to know more. This will lead to an increase in interest. The unusual title may suppress awareness, but if interest is high and if the movie is good, word-of-mouth will follow. 

The worst Case Scenario is that people don’t get the whole “Glass Onion” thing. They’re so turned off by the name that they don’t even read past the colon to see that it’s a KNIVES OUT movie. Clever title dooms picture. 

At the moment, awareness for GLASS ONION is at 23%. It’s been hovering in the low 20s for the past few months. We will see if the name change impacts awareness going forward. 

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