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Keep an eye out for SCREAM 6 and EVIL DEAD RISE. Both arrive on The Quorum with very high interest.

Something unusual happened this week, and you wouldn’t be blamed for not noticing.

We add movies to The Quorum all the time. And in most cases, films arrive with unremarkable numbers, mainly because we add them many months before the film’s release. Those numbers, ideally, grow over time from frequently modest beginnings.

In some cases, however, a film will arrive with surprisingly large numbers. The kind that makes you sit up and take notice. In this case, not one but TWO films made auspicious debuts this week.

The two films in question are SCREAM 6 and EVIL DEAD RISE. Both arrived on tracking with interest scores above 6.0. They become just the 5th and 6th film to that this year.

But wait, where are TOP GUN: MAVERICK, JURASSIC WORLD, AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER or BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER? They’re not included because they were all added to The Quorum in 2021.

Remember, film tracking is always forward looking. The Quorum numbers are for films that have yet to be released. Notice that the four movies that SCREAM and RISE join are all slated for a 2023 release.

With that said, these two films are now in good shape. The data show that films that debut on tracking at this elevated level have tremendously strong odds for success. So, keep an eye out for these two films. They may be on a path to box office glory.

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