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Julia Roberts looks to break up another wedding in TICKET TO PARADISE.

It’s been 25 years since MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING, and now Julia Roberts has her sights set on breaking up another wedding with TICKET TO PARADISE. This time, Roberts partners with George Clooney in their fifth big-screening pairing. Universal gave us the first trailer for the throwback adult comedy, which arrives in theaters on October 21st.  

Coming out of the pandemic, it was unclear if there was an audience for romantic comedies – at least theatrically. With the success of films like MURDER MYSTERY on Netflix, it seemed like the genre had migrated to streaming. But with THE LOST CITY opening to $30M earlier this year, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum showed that the rom-com could flourish in theaters. 

If Roberts and Clooney succeed this fall with PARADISE, it will not only prove the viability of the genre, but it will also show that actors over 50 can still be box office draws.  

At the moment, awareness for PARADISE is at 17%, which is totally fine. CITY reached 58% awareness by the time it arrived in theaters.  We’d love to see PARADISE due the same, but for now, let’s see if the new trailer can lift awareness for PARADISE above 25%. 

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