The Quorum

Grading this week’s posters

Each week we ask people to grade the week’s newest posters from A+ (“awesome”) to F (“awful”). Here are the final grades.


Grade: A-

Who doesn’t love a crocodile in a bubble bath? Our respondents certainly like it. The poster for LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE received the highest grade of the week with an A-. That could bode well for the movie, which is the lone family film arriving in theaters this October.


Grade: B+

Star power still means something. George Clooney in a tux next to a beaming Julia Roberts is enough to remind you that few stars today can sell a movie on effortless charm alone. Will fans buy this TICKET TO PARADISE? With a stylish score of B+, the poster is working its magic. 


Grade: C+

A gastropub, satirical thriller sounds yummy to us. We’re on board. Sadly, the poster for THE MENU exactly whetting people’s appetite. With a C+, it received the lowest score of the week. 

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