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Grading November Posters

Now that’s more like it. As you may recall, none of the posters from October scored a grade above B+. Not a single A in the bunch.

In November, five films landed with an A or an A-, with WONKA lidding the charge. INSIDE OUT 2 looks like the sure thing that Disney could use right now. Universal has been very aggressive with the FALL GUY campaign. Fans are liking the edgy poster.

20th Century Studios also got out early with a poster and teaser trailer for KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, which comes out next May. And what would a monthly poster recap be with a horror film? As you can see on the poster, Lionsgate is leaning into M3GAN and FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S pedigree for IMAGINARY. Sure, there are plenty of Blumhouse hits to hitch a ride to, but picking those two movies almost makes too much sense.

Not only do fans like these posters, but the films are tracking well. We love that kind of alignment.

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