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Grading April posters

Don’t sleep on INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY. For some time now, INDIANA has topped the Interest chart, and now we can officially say that it had the highest-scoring poster of April.

As you know, we ask fans to grade each poster from A+ (“makes me want to see this film”) to F (“doesn’t make me want to see this film”). And though there were no A’s this month, INDIANA is tops with an A- grade.

It was also a good month for mid-career leading men gazing to their right. Both the HYPNOTIC and KANDAHAR posters scored well. And if you are a fan of dark, moody posters, you’re in luck. THE EQUALIZER 3 and INSIDIOUS THE RED ROOM scored an A-, while THE BOOGEYMAN AND THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER were just below at B+.

Lower down, comedies didn’t fare as well. NO HARD FEELINGS got a C+, while THE MACHINE scored a C-.

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