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Changes to The Quorum

We are pleased to update you on several significant changes to The Quorum.

We believe data is only as impactful as its usability. With that in mind, we made these changes to help add greater context to The Quorum tracking to help you craft a more detailed narrative around the numbers. 

Here are a few of the changes:

New Interest Metric – You gave us feedback. We listened. You didn’t like that Interest was the only metric not expressed as a percentage. We have always measured Interest on a scale from 1 to 10. Understandably you wanted all four of The Quorum’s main metrics to be compatible. So, we converted all the scores to a percentage.  

We understand that we are pulling the rug out from under you just as you began to learn the nuances of the current interest score. To help with the adjustment, here’s a good rule of thumb. A film is in decent shape if Interest is above 50%. Tentpoles and DC/MCU titles should be above 60% or even 65%.

Poster Grades – For nearly a year, The Quorum has asked movie fans to grade film posters from A+ (“Makes me want to see the movie”) to F (“Doesn’t make me want to see the film”). Our library of graded films is now available on the “Posters” page, and you can see the eight most recent grades on the home page.

Additional Context – If you look at the Awareness, Interest, Location, or Fee pages, you’ll notice the data has changed. There are three columns of dots to the far right of each page. The first dot shows the score for each film. The second dot indicates the change in score over the past week. The third dot shows the average score for the film group at the same distance from release. 

Looking at THE LITTLE MERMAID, it is in the “Animation/Family” group and it has an awareness of 60%, That is down 2% from a week ago and well ahead of the average of 50% for all Animated/Family films at the same distance from release. 

FAST X is part of the “Tentpole” group. Awareness is 58%, which is flat for the week. It is in line with the the average for other Tentpole films.

Biggest Chart Movers – At the top of the home page on the right side, The Quorum will highlight two movies: one that on the rise and one that is trending down.

There are lots of other new bells and whistles. We hope you enjoy these changes and if you care to offer feedback, please do so at [email protected]

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