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After 25 years of waiting, we finally have the follow-up to the 1996 box office hit SPACE JAM. Of course, the wait was largely due to the fact that we didn’t have a basketball star that matched the talent of Michael Jordan. We now have that with Lebron James.

James had a very charismatic acting debut in TRAINWRECK (2015). Here we will see if he can support an entire movie. Though, to be fair, he gets a lot of help from an army of animated characters.

Now that the film is open, let’s take a look at the final numbers for the film.

Followers of The Quorum know that JAM has topped the awareness chart for over a week. It couldn’t quite make it to the highly coveted 60 mark, but it ends its run with a very big 57.

When we compare it to the current box office champion, JAM had slightly higher awareness than BLACK WIDOW at its release. That film managed to reach 55.

While a score of 60 is amazing, crossing 50 is still very good. Let’s not split hairs. They both did great.

The story is a bit different when we look at interest. While WIDOW had an interest score of 6.2 at opening, JAM ended its run on a down note slipping to 5.4. That’s a wide margin.

While JAM sits at the top of the awareness list, it ranks 24th in interest. So while a lot of people know about the film, not everyone wants to see it.

Furthermore, going back to our WIDOW comparison, we can see that 52% of people wanted to see WIDOW in a theater vs. 47% for JAM. That could put more downward pressure on the box office total, but it may give HBO Max a boost.

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