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Films we’re rooting for: MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS and MR. MALCOLM’S LIST

Are you Team Mr. or are you Team Mrs.? Or, perhaps you’re both. We certainly are. 

As we all celebrate the enormous success of TOP GUN: MAVERICK and the other tentpole hits that came before, we are rooting for two smaller period dramedies that will be vying for the adult audience later this summer. MR. MALCOLM’S LIST arrives in theaters on July 1st, and MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS opens two weeks later. 

We got a trailer for MRS. HARRIS in April and a spot for MR. MALCOLM last week. Both are period pieces, both look effortlessly charming, and both deserve to find an audience. 

MRS. HARRIS stars the always lovely Leslie Manville. It’s easy to imagine this role going to Meryl Streep or Olivia Coleman. As much as we love both those actors, it’s wonderful to see Manville top lining (and executive producing) a film on the heels of her first Oscar nomination in 2018 for PHANTOM THREAD. 

As for MR. MALCOLM, it continues a long line of fantastic English period films that includes HOWARD’S END, EMMA, GOSFORD PARK, and PRIDE & PREJUDICE, to name just a few. However, what immediately jumps out is the diversity in casting for a film set in Regency-era England. That alone makes the film worth rooting for. 

Both films could use a little help. Awareness for MRS. HARRIS is at 14%, where it ranks 50th among all films being tracked by The Quorum. And, MR. MALCOLM sits at 16%, ranking 43rd, though it is on the rise. Awareness is up from 9% before this week’s trailer release. 

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