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New To The Quorum: PRISCILLA

We don’t often think of A24 films as having big openings. Most A24 titles open in limited release and expand out. Its three highest grossing films, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, UNCUT GEMS, and LADY BIRD, all opened in 10 or fewer theaters.

When A24 does go wide, the story is less about the opening number and more about the long haul. TALK TO ME, one of only two A24 titles to open above $10M, converted a $10.4M debut into a $46.0M (and climbing) total. HEREDITARY, which gave the studio its largest opening at $13.6M, eventually landed at $44.0M. That kind of playability is rare.

This is a roundabout way of saying that the opening number rarely tells the whole story for A24. But that won’t stop us from pointing out that PRICILLA may give the studio its 3rd $10M debut.

PRISCILLA, written and directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola, is a kind of bookend to Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS. Whereas Priscilla Presley has a small role in ELVIS, Coppola’s film is told from her perspective. Based on the early tracking, PRISCILLA may be another box office winner.

PRISCILLA belongs to the “Low” group, meaning it is believed to have a production budget below $50M. The average opening for the Low group is $8.2M. When compared to the average scores for all films in this group at the same distance from release, PRISCILLA holds up well.

Awareness for the film is 25% versus the average of 22%. Forty-three percent of people say they’d watch it in a theater versus the average of 38%, while 54% say they’d pay to watch the film in a theater versus the average of 52%. It’s only in interest where PRISCILLA lags behind the group average.

This suggests that the film could open near the group’s average of $8.2M. And if tracking improves in the run-up to its October 27th release, PRISCILLA may just be A24’s third $10M opener.

3 thoughts on “New To The Quorum: PRISCILLA

  1. As someone new to browsing your website, I was wondering a few things:

    1. Is 38% interested out of the 25% that have awareness of the film?
    2. Similarly is 43% who prefer to watch it in the theatre out of the 38% interested?
    3. Similar to the previous two is 54% pay to watch out of the 43% who prefer to watch it in the theatres?

  2. Thanks for your questions.

    The 38% interested is among all respondents, not just those aware. Interest among just aware is a data point that is available to our subscribers. Why do we we provide both? When we survey people, we provide an image and description of the film. For some people, this is the first time they have been exposed to the film. Understanding interest among those not aware, is helpful in understanding the growth potential for a film.

    Same thing for for our other metrics. I hope this helps.

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