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Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart – TWISTERS Debuts Ahead Of The Super Bowl

The Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart includes any film more than six weeks from release, registering at least 1% unaided awareness (UA). This metric is highly correlated to opening weekend gross. Early signs of UA more than six weeks out often translate to box office success upon release.

For the past several weeks, DUNE PART: TWO has had the highest unaided awareness among the films being tracked by The Quorum. As a reminder, DUNE is not reflected on the chart below because it is within six weeks of release.

This week, however, DUNE surrenders the top spot to DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE, which vaults from 5% to 9% unaided. At 23 weeks out, imagine how high DEADPOOL will rise before it arrives in theaters. At 32% just before release, BARBIE holds the record for the highest unaided, though it’s easy to imagine DEADPOOL reaching those heights.

On the heels of the Super Bowl, where several high-profile upcoming releases debuted, there is lots of activity on the unaided chart this week. A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE debuts with 2% unaided, TWISTERS rises from 1% to 3%, WICKED debuts at an impressive 5% unaided, and though it didn’t have a presence at the big game, MOANA 2 arrives with 2% unaided after being added to the release schedule last week.

It’s also worth noting that MONEKY MAN, which will leave the chart next week as it enters the six-week window, registers 1% unaided. That suggests a groundswell of support for the film that may emerge as a sleeper hit in April.

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