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Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart – THE FALL GUY Returns For The First Time Since December

The Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart includes any film more than six weeks from release, registering at least 1% unaided awareness (UA). This metric is highly correlated to opening weekend gross. Early signs of UA more than six weeks out often translate to box office success upon release.

This week, we welcome some old friends back to the Unaided Awareness chart. BAD BOYS 4 registers at least 1% unaided for the first time since late January. And BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE is back after a two week absence. It’s quite remarkable that both are registering even 1%, even though neither has a trailer.

Also returning to the chart is THE FALL GUY, which last appeared on this chart back in late December. And quite frankly, it’s long overdue. The trades have reported that the film carries a $125M budget, though rumors have swirled that it’s considerably higher. Either way, FALL GUY needs to make some serious box office waves to recoup. The absence of unaided has cast some doubt on the film’s prospects. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a sustained run on the chart.

Elsewhere, as expected, BORDERLANDS dropped off the chart after a one-week run in response to the trailer. And after a three-week run, TWISTERS takes a reprieve from the chart.

DUNE: PART TWO scored the highest unaided of the week at 10%, though it is not reflected on the chart below because it opens next week.

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