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Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart – MUFASA: THE LION KING Makes An Impressive Debut

The Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart includes any film more than six weeks from release, registering at least 1% unaided awareness (UA). This metric is highly correlated to opening weekend gross. Early signs of UA more than six weeks out often translate to box office success upon release.

In 2019, the updated “live-action” version of THE LION KING grossed $543M, making it the second highest grossing film of the year behind AVENGERS: ENDGAME. On Monday, Disney gave us a first look at the prequel MUFASA: THE LION KING with a poster and trailer drop. 

As expected, early in the week, prior to the trailer release, MUFASA generated little in the way of unaided awareness. But as the week went along, those numbers started to increase. By late Thursday night, MUFASA had accumulated an impressive 2% unaided. It’s possible that as more people discover the trailer, the number will continue to rise. So don’t be surprised if MUFASA registers more than 2% next week. 

For the second week in a row, DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE registered the highest unaided of the week at 7%. THE FALL GUY held steady at 4% for a second week, placing it 4th among all films. We expect unaided to rise in the final week. The fact that FALL was flat does not bode well for its opening weekend.

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