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Weekly Unaided Awareness Chart – BAD BOYS 4 Registers Unaided For The First Time.

Last year, The Quorum introduced the unaided awareness metric in our Tracking 102 post. As a reminder, unaided awareness (UA) is based on an open-ended question in our tracking surveys where we ask people to name as many upcoming movies as they can off the top of their heads. They are not provided a list of upcoming films or any other information. UA is NOT reported on The Quorum’s website and is only available to subscribers.

Awareness, the one reported on our site, differs in that we provide an image and description of upcoming movies for this metric. As you can imagine awareness is much higher than UA.

Whereas awareness can climb as high as 75% – a number reached by both THE BATMAN and AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER – UA rarely climbs higher than ten. Only 15 films from last year achieved a UA score higher than ten. With a score of 32%, BARBIE had the highest UA of any 2023 film.

Not only are UA numbers lower, but in most cases UA doesn’t register until a film is within six weeks of release. In some cases it happens even later. For example, I.S.S., opening today, did not register any UA until this week. LISA FRANKENSTEIN, which is scheduled to open in three weeks, but is just now registering UA.

Given that UA tends to be a late-arriving metric, we always take notice of films that show signs of unaided before entering the six-week window. For example DUNE: PART TWO is now six weeks away from release, but the film has been registering UA since July last year.

Films with early unaided tend to perform well at the box office. To that end, The Quorum is introducing a new weekly report listing the films that are more than six weeks away from release and already showing signs of UA.

This week, BAD BOYS 4 registered UA for the first time. That now means that both major releases on June 14th are showing some level of unaided. Looks like it could be a big weekend.

These numbers may look small. But even 1% of unaided is meaningful. By the way, why isn’t DUNE on this list? Again, this only includes films more than six weeks from release.

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