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UPDATE: While awareness for ELVIS continues to be stuck ahead of release, interest is taking off.

ELVIS continues to be one of the more enigmatic films in recent years. It’s a film by a virtuoso director about an artist that most people under 50 know very little about. While Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley has garnered mostly favorable reviews, it has had a bumpy ride on tracking. 

As we noted last week, awareness for the film has stalled. That continues to be the case. Awareness currently sits at 46%, up only two points in the past week. You never want to see awareness plateau in the week leading up to release. 

And yet, while awareness has barely budged, interest in the film is on the rise. With just two days before release, interest has climbed to a new high of 5.8. That is precisely what you want to see in the 11th hour. 

What are we to make of these numbers? It suggests that interest is growing among those who know about the film. But that pool of people isn’t growing. That means that the film may find itself relying on word-of-mouth. If the film resonates with audiences, those early advocates will be important in building awareness among others and bringing them into the fold. 

This, however, is not the final word on ELVIS. We will have the final numbers for the film on Friday morning. Perhaps awareness will pop on Friday. 

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