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I think we can all agree that SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME represents the box office gold standard for the pandemic with a $260M opening weekend. I think we can also agree that THE BATMAN is shaping up to do big business. But can it reach the same levels at the web-slinger? 

We first posed that question three weeks ago. Back then, awareness for BATMAN was strong, though interest was beginning to plateau. With just over a month before its March 4th release, this is a good time to revisit that question.

On the awareness side, the story remains the same. BATMAN is on the verge of cracking 70%. If it does, and there’s no reason to think it won’t, it would be just the 2nd film to do so. With another month to do, it’s not impossible to imagine BATMAN topping SPIDER-MAN for the highest awareness score ever recorded by The Quorum. 

Awareness is clearly not a problem for BATMAN. But what about interest? Three weeks later, it turns out that the interest score for BATMAN still hasn’t moved. Whereas interest for SPIDER-MAN steadily climbed as it approached release, interest for BATMAN has been stuck between 6.4 and 6.6 for the past month.

It’s important to note that BATMAN is still more than 30 days from release, meaning the home stretch campaign is only just beginning. So, as we enter the final month before release, we will closely watch those interest numbers to see if it approaches the 7.2 score for SPIDER-MAN. Stay tuned, and rest assured we will be updated this one again before it opens. 

2 thoughts on “Update: THE BATMAN closes in on SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME

  1. Like how do you guys track this? Do you survey people from third world countries? Do you ask the general public? Isn’t 2000 a small sample?? Really interested to know how this works 🙂

    1. Thanks for asking.

      Yes, that’s pretty close. We go out and ask 2000 people just in the US about upcoming films. These are regular folks in the general public.

      First, we ask them how often they see a movie in a theater to determine if they are frequent or infrequent filmgoers. Anyone who goes to a theater at least once a month is considered frequent. We separate them because, as you can imagine, frequent filmgoers have higher levels of awareness and interest than infrequents. And it’s mostly the frequent filmgoers that the studios focus on.

      As for the sample size, 2,000 is a large number. Truth be told, the numbers begin to settle into a patter after about 200 respondents.

      I’m curious, are there any numbers that surprise you for seem wrong? Part of the fun is seeing how the numbers for a film change over time. I’m frequently surprised by how the general public feels about some films.

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