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Trailer Callback – August 19th

On August 19th, film fans got the latest and final trailer for ETERNALS. Of course, at The Quorum, we wait at least 10 days to determine how a trailer impacts the numbers. So, it is now time to see if ETERNALS got any kind of lift.

Before the spot coming out, awareness for ETERNALS was at a decent 29. Today, it sits at 34. That’s a solid five-point gain.

To. give that proper context, we are comparing ETERNALS to three other films with awareness near 29 when their trailers dropped.

As you can see, the five-point gain is tops among this group. You’ll also notice that SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS – another Marvel film – is among this group. The trailer for SHANG-CHI resulted in a small one-point gain. So by this metric, ETERNALS did better.

Still, as you can see below, both films are well behind the awareness levels for BLACK WIDOW (dark yellow). WIDWO had an awareness of 55 at release. SHANG-CHI (brown) is on the rise at 41 simply because it’s so close to release, while ETERNALS (light yellow) is at 34 with another two months to go.

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