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The THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER campaign begins.

At 81 days before release, we admit we were growing a bit concerned about the lack of material for THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. That’s because most of the July releases already have trailers out, including MINIONS: RISE OF GRU, PAWS OF FURY, WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, NOPE, BULLET. TRAIN and DC LEAGUE OF SUPER PETS.

But today, we got a trailer that is as brightly colored as the poster, with the humor you’d expect from a THOR movie. So now begins the journey to the top of The Quorum charts, or so one would expect.

Over the past few months, awareness for THOR has hovered in the mid-40s. At the moment, it ranks 3rd in awareness among the Marvel and DC films we’re currently tracking.

How high can it go from here? We expect it to at least cross 50% in the next two weeks. It may not be able to dislodge DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, which is just weeks away from release, but it should be able to catch BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER at 51%. 

On the interest side, THOR already looks pretty good at 6.3. Any gain from here would be great, but it wouldn’t be awful if it remained at 6.3. 

Stay tuned, folks, get ready for a fun tracking ride. 

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