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THE LOST CITY is about to be the first original to crack the top 10 on the Fee or Free chart.

We love us some character posters and we recently got some terrific ones for THE LOST CITY.

It’s clear that Paramount thinks they have a hit on their hands (rarely does a studio take the time to release character posters for films that look like a dud), and the data certainly backs that up.

Right now, CITY ranks 7th in Awareness, 15th in Interest, and 9th in Location. But the real surprise is that CITY ranks 11th in Fee or Free, with 73% of people saying they would pay to watch this movie. 

This particular metric is usually home to big time heavy hitters. Just look at the titles ranked in the top 10. No original film (see “Group” column) has ever cracked the top 10 for this metric. DOG came closest when it had a Fee score of 70, but at 73%, LOST is a fraction of a point away from knocking AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM out of the top 10. 

Stay tuned folks. CITY will be updated again tomorrow. Tune back in to see if it makes the top 10.

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