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Removed from The Quorum: LEGALLY BLONDE 3

No offense to Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge, and the entire LEGALLY BLONDE 3 team, but the film has been removed from The Quorum. Now, before anyone writes nasty letters, let me explain why. 

Our policy is to add films once they are within six months. It will be added earlier if: 

  1. The film is part of the DC or MCU
  2. The marketing campaign began before the six-month mark

BLONDE was added two weeks ago when the film was six months away from its May 2022 release. Since then, however, United Artists has removed it from the official release schedule and given it a TBD 2023 release date. So, the film has been sidelined on The Quorum

But wait, why is HOCUS POCUS 3 still on The Quorum even though it has a TBD date? I’m glad you asked. HOCUS remains on The Quorum because Disney has been actively marketing the film , and there is a realistic expectation that the film will get a Fall 2022 release. 

As for BLONDE, no official material has been made public, and the release date is unclear. Fear not. Once the film is given another date or the campaign kicks in, we will re-add it to The Quorum

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