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Today, we got the first full trailer for GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, following the very clever teaser spot that came out a few months ago. If there’s one movie to root for, this is a good choice. Special props to Sony for not giving up after misogynistic Internet trolls eviscerated the 2016 all-female version of GHOSTBUSTERS. It was perhaps one of the worst examples of the social world destroying a film before seeing a single frame. So, yes, maybe we should all get behind this one.

Having said that, can we all agree that the real reason to be excited for this one is the return of Annie Potts?

At the moment, the numbers for AFTERLIFE look pretty good. As you can see below, the film ranks 11th in awareness among all upcoming releases. It sits among other big-name titles like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 and TOP GUN: MAVERICK.

The story is even better when you look at interest. It currently ranks 4th with a very healthy interest score of 6.0. It’s always a good sign when interest is higher than awareness. From there it becomes a matter of growing the audience through increased awareness.

When interest is lower than awareness, that means people know about it, but they don’t want to see it. It’s much harder to grow an audience without that base of interest in place.

Of course we will be watching to see how these numbers change thanks to the new trailer. Keep an eye out the updates scores in our Trailer Callback.

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