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We typically don’t think of January as a strong corridor for animated films – at least in terms of new releases. Animated movies from the holidays in December continue to play into January. PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH made more in January than in December last year.

New releases, however, tend to have lackluster openings. That’s not to say these are bad movies. The two hybrid PADDINGTON films are among the most beloved of the genre. But they didn’t have big openings. Over the past decade, six animated films have opened in January, with only KUNG FU PANDA 3 opening above $20M.

Next January, Paramount will hope to land closer to PANDA than PADDINGTON with THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE. New to tracking this week, the data suggests that there’s work to be done for TIGER to reach PANDA-like levels.

When compared to ELEMENTAL ($30M opening weekend), LYLE, LYLE CROCIDLE ($11M), and PAWS OF FURY ($6M), TIGER is tracking much closer to the lower comps.

For example, awareness for TIGER (dark yellow) is the same as LYLE (brown) and well off from the 29% for ELEMENTAL (light yellow).

It’s a similar story when looking at interest. With 31% interest, TIGER (dark blue) is in the same range as LYLE (black) and PAWS (teal). ELEMENTAL (sky blue)is much higher at 45%.

At The Quorum, we’re excited about TIGER. Based on the 2003 novel of the same name, it’s a story steeped in ancient Chinese mythology. In that sense, it shares some elements with KUNG FU PANDA. It would be great to see TIGER reach the same box office heights as PANDA.

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