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Last week, four films were added to The Quorum. Here’s a closer look at each. 

ALL THE OLD KNIVES (Amazon, April 8th) – Every few years, Chris Pine stars in a high-intensity action thriller. Aside from the STAR TREK films, Pine has starred alongside Denzel Washington (UNSTOPPABLE), Kevin Costner (JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT), and Ben Foster (THE FINEST HOURS, HELL OR HIGH WATER). It’s a genre that looks good on him, so why not return to it every now and again? This spring, Pine has two thrillers with THE CONTRACTOR and this one, ALL THE OLD KNIVES, which is being released simultaneously in theaters and on Amazon Prime. 

THE BUBBLE (Netflix, April 1st) – You might recall that Judd Apatow’s last movie, THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND, was one of the first films impacted by the pandemic. It was slated to premiere at SXSW on March 13th, 2020 but was canceled just days into the Covid outbreak. STATEN ended up being an early case study for PVOD releases. Two years later, Apatow gives us THE BUBBLE, a comedy set against the backdrop of a pandemic. Are we far enough in Covid that we can look back and laugh? The hella funny trailer for THE BUBBLE certainly makes a strong case. 

INFINITE STORM (Bleecker Street, March 25th)- Not only are we welcoming INFINITE STORM to The Quorum, but we’re also welcoming Bleecker Street. STORM is scheduled to be just the 2nd wide release of the pandemic era for the distributor, the first being DREAM HORSE from May 2021. This true-life story has Naomi Watts leading a rescue against the backdrop of blistering cold and snow. This isn’t the first time Watts has battled Mother Nature. She earned an Oscar nomination for narrowly surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004’s THE IMPOSSIBLE.

SECRET HEADQUARTERS (Paramount, August 12th)- Scheduled to arrive in theaters in August, SECRET HEADQUARTERS, starring Owen Wilson, tells the story of a boy who suspects his father may be a superhero after finding a secret headquarters under their house. Wilson continues to explore the world of superheroes on the heels of his turn in the LOKI series for Disney+. We’re all for it.

Currently, KNIVES has the advantage with 19% awareness, while STORM is tops with an interest score of 5.1. These two and THE BUBBLE have new trailers, so keep an eye out for these numbers to change in the day ahead.

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