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New to The Quorum: BULLET TRAIN

In most cases, we don’t start tracking a film until it’s within six months of release. But in the case of BULLET TRAIN, there are lots of reasons to add it to The Quorum, despite the fact that it’s about seven months out.

Reason #1: It was reported last week that Lady Gaga had to drop out of BULLET due to scheduling conflicts with her other film, HOUSE OF GUCCI. Replacing Gaga is none other than Sandra Bullock. We are excited by anything Gaga does, but the thought of Bullock and Brad Pitt starring in a movie together for the very first time (!!!) is enough to get anybody excited.

Reason #2: The cast. Pitt and Bullock topline an incredible cast that also includes Joey King, Michael Shannon, Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz to name a few.

Reason #3: The film is being directed by action maestro David Leitch. Most recently, Leitch directed FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW, but he also has DEADPOOL 2 and the incredible ATOMIC BLONDE on his resume. Seriously, if you haven’t seen ATOMIC, go treat yourself. Who doesn’t love Charlize Theron in sexy badass mode?

So, while we patiently wait for its April release, we welcome BULLET TRAIN to The Quorum.

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