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NATIONAL CHAMPIONS has arrived. But is it too late?

Just last week, STX pushed NATIONAL CHAMPIONS from its original November 24th date to December 10th. The fact that STX was moving it wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was that they pushed it out only two weeks. That’s because there was no poster. There was no trailer. If anything, the film looked destined to be punted to 2022.

Surprise, surprise. STX finally gave us a poster and a trailer with just three weeks to go before release. Truth be told, it looks pretty good. And it makes sense that STX would want to release this in the heart of college football season. But can the studio mount a successful campaign in less than three weeks?

If these were pre-pandemic days, we would say the film is dead in the water. But the pre-pandemic rules don’t necessarily apply today. So this will be an interesting case study to watch. At the moment, however, the film has the lowest awareness of all films being tracked by The Quorum. Stay tuned, folks. Let’s see if the numbers start to rise.

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