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CINDERELLA has the highest awareness for an Amazon movie since COMING 2 AMERICA.

But are the interest levels there?

By most accounts, Amazon has had success releasing movies that were once designated for theaters. First, it was COMING 2 AMERICA, then WITHOUT REMORSE and most recently THE TOMORROW WAR. CINDERELLA, originally developed at Sony, was sold to Amazon in May.

Based on just awareness, Amazon looks to have another winner with CINDERELLA. It ends its run on The Quorum with an awareness of 41%, making it just the second Amazon film to cross 40%.

Looking at interest, however, CINDERELLA is the lowest of the four. Both AMERICA and REMORSE had interest scores at or above 6.0 at release. Meanwhile, CINDERELLA is down at 4.8.

That’s not totally unexpected. We know that women generally show lower levels of interest in movies than men. So we would expect a female-skewing title to have lower levels of interest.

Having said that, an interest score of 4.8 is low. So, despite the high awareness, soft interest my put downward pressure on the film.

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