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Armed with glowing reviews, JACKASS FOREVER approaches release with momentum.

As we head into the weekend, it’s time to look at how this week’s two new releases ended their runs on The Quorum

JACKASS FOREVER has a clear advantage when it comes to awareness. It is just the 7th theatrical-only release to reach 50% awareness by day of release. 

MOONFALL, on the other hand, hits theaters with a 37% awareness. That’s not a good sign. There have been 25 theatrical-only releases during the pandemic era to arrive with awareness below 40%. Only one (CANDYMAN) open above $20M. 

The numbers flip on the interest side. MOONFALL holds a slight edge with a 5.5 versus 5.3 for JACKASS. 

But the real story is the momentum. As you can see below, in early January, the two films had nearly identical awareness. Today, one month later, awareness for JACKASS has nearly doubled from 26 to 50 while MOONSHOT added 11 points.

The numbers are even more striking on the interest side.

JACKASS had one of the more incredible 11th-hour recoveries. Throughout its run, interest hovered around 4.2 before briefly rising above 5.0 in late December. When the campaign kicked in, interest fell as low as 4.7. This past week, however, interest in the film shot up to 5.3. 

After a fairly unremarkable run, JACKASS ended with its highest interest score across the entire year The Quorum tracked the film. 

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While MOONSHOT is stuck with mediocre numbers at release, JACKASS has momentum on its side. 

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