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A Movie We’re Rooting For: FLY ME TO THE MOON

Last week, we noted that Sony is occasionally late with trailers and even later with key art. Usually trailers are posters are released simultaneously, but that’s not how Sony rolls. Case in point FLY ME TO THE MOON. Sony dropped a winning trailer for MOON on April 9th and waited a full month before releasing accompanying posters. Yes, there a teaser one-sheet, but for 30 days there was no artwork featuring the two incredibly charismatic leads. 

Last week, that all changed. We got a terrific new poster for FLY with Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum front and center. 

Sony was clearly inspired while working on the artwork for the film, because we also got four additional posters, which appear to be earmarked for international markets. How do we know? Usually when artworks uses the word “cinemas” instead of “theaters”, you know it’s not for the domestic market. 

The thing is, as much as we love the new domestic poster, we actually prefer the international artwork even more. That got is wondering, which poster does the general public like the most? So we asked. And it turns out, our survey respondents are in alignment with the studio. They gave the domestic poster the highest grade of B+.

Our favorite, in case anyone is interested, is the fourth from the left with both Johansson and Tatum in full view, facing straight ahead projecting the self-assured confidence of two A-list actors. We like the juxtaposition of the rocket between them and the palette of light blue, pink and the yellow of her dress. 

Posters aside, there are other reasons to be rooting for this film. At a time when studios are hell bent on finding existing IP to convert into franchises, there’s something wonderful about a glossy, original, plot-driven two-hander that is not intended for streaming nor does it aspire for a sequel. This is very much in the vein of THE LOST CITY, also starring Tatum, from 2022. That was two years ago. Ideally, we wouldn’t be getting one of these every other year.

Speaking of Tatum, he is worthy of a special shout-out. Between 2012 and 2014, no one was hotter than him. He gave us hit after hit from THE VOW, 21 JUMP STREET, MAGIC MIKE and FOXCATHER before things cooled off for him after  JUPITER ASCENDING in 2015, The great movie stars have a second act. And with the surprise hit DOG, THE LOST CITY and now MOON, Tatum is having another moment. Let’s also acknowledge that Tatum has never done a superhero, nor has he made a film direct for streaming. How many other actors can say the same? 

So, with that in mind, let’s take a moment to celebrate FLY ME TO MOON.  

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