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Three films, all slated to open the weekend of November 12th (CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG opens two days earlier on the 10th), are now within 30 days of release — the prime marketing window — which means if they’re gonna take off, this is when it will start to happen. 

For this report, we will be taking a closer look at CLIFFORD. 

For CLIFFORD, we will compare it to PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE and THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2. Like CLIFFORD, the two comps were made available in theaters and on streaming services simultaneously.

Theatrically, PAW made $13M in its opening weekend, while ADDAMS debuted at $17M. 

Two weeks later, CLIFFORD will have to compete with ENCANTO, but the hope is that the big red dog will have enough strength to play alongside ENCANTO through the family-friendly Thanksgiving holiday.

We start by looking at awareness. As you can see below, at opening, PAW (dark yellow) had an awareness of 35, and ADDAMS (light yellow) was at 49. 

At 37, CLIFFORD (brown) has already surpassed PAW. But with a month remaining before release, can it reach ADDAMS up at 49? It’s worth noting that ADDAMS experienced a surge in awareness in the final 30 days. In fact, it was a bit lower than CLIFFORD before it made its big ascent. Over the next 30 days, we will be watching to see if the big red dog can mirror or surpass the climb made by ADDAMS. 

Things look very similar on the interest side. CLIFFORD (medium blue) has a higher interest score than PAW (light blue) but lower than ADDAMS (dark blue). 

The big difference here is that we really like to see an interest score above 5.0. At 4.6, CLIFFORD is much lower than you’d like to see. It ranks 60th among the 76 films being measured by The Quorum

The purpose of the 30 Day Alert is not to forecast where the film will be but to give context for where it needs to go. There is work to be done on both the awareness and interest sides, but that’s what the final 30 days are for. 

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