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Update: HOUSE OF GUCCI on the rise

A week ago KING RICHARD had the momentum in the battle of the real-life family dramas. Since then, HOUSE OF GUCCI has surged.

As we noted earlier, RICHARD has been on a tear over the last two weeks. After months of languishing behind GUCCI in awareness and interest, RICHARD defiantly overtook GUCCI earlier this week.

Since then, GUCCI has found its mojo. Lady Gaga has been ubiquitous over the past week showing up here, here and here, looking flawless at every step of the way. She has given GUCCI the jolt necessary to catch up to RICHARD, and in the case of interest, surpass it.

At this point, we can call it a tie, but given that GUCCI opens one week after RICHARD, it could be argued that GUCCI is actually in a better position. Regardless, both look well positioned to nice business in the weeks ahead.

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